Best winter books

The answer to the question of what to read this winter is right here

Saturday 28th of January 2023

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The wind in Belgrade is sometimes really unbearable. Winter magic is not everyone's favorite. Sometimes it is much nicer to stay at home with the right company. The top 5 books for winter are more than a good excuse to turn off your phone and immerse yourself in exquisitely written stories.

1. Paper with watermark - Goran Petrovic

The best domestic novel that saw the light of day in 2022 won the "Belgrade Winner" award. The jury had exceptional reviews and, undoubtedly, it will win you over too. The academician has set his story in the ancient era of the Renaissance, but it is also linked to the present time.

2. Inner Sea - Danica Vukicevic

The book that won the "NIN" award is one of those books that you carry with you and read again and again. A look at life from a woman's perspective, spiced up with everyday trifles, focused on topics that are always talked about. A work created in the form of prose, simple, easy to read - a must read.

3. Can you see that I cannot see - Emir Kusturica

Whatever art Mr. Kusturica touches, he turns it into a masterpiece. Both a novel and an essay. Both light as a feather and heavy as lead. About the writer Handke and Emir himself, about the collision of their differences on the way to the same goal. Of course, nothing without the river Drina. No way without layered top enjoyment from the beginning to the end of the reading.

4. Serbian medieval coats of arms - Nikola Giljen

It is time to enrich your home library with some valuable literature. The history of Serbia presented in an authentic way through the coats of arms from the permanent exhibition of the Military Museum. Motifs, symbols of the country from ancient times to current heraldic fashion. Described in a high-quality and very educational way.

5. Psychiatrists, psychologists and other patients - Rodrigo Munoz Avia

On the waves of life, one often wonders: "Who is crazy here, me or the whole world?". This is exactly what is written about in the pages of this primarily comic novel. Family as a pillar, love and a lot of problems that appear to the main character the moment he turns to the experts for his head. It will be funny, realistic, sometimes sad and definitely necessary to read the life story of a Spaniard.