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Vozdovac is the Southern gate of Belgrade which connects the old urban core with the outskirts. There is Avala mountain with the view of all Belgrade and Central Serbia on the very south, while Vozdovac is meeting Vracar and Savski venac at Autokomanda. As a matter of fact, the merchant Nikola Stefanovic built a tavern in the area of today`s Autokomanda in 1870, and soon later a small settlement was founded whose name was "Kod Stefanovica mehane" - At Stefanovic`s tavern.

There is Vozdovac church at Vojvode Stepe Street - that is a place from where Karadjordje started liberation campaign of Belgrade Fortress in 1806. Because of that, the inhabitants spontaneously started to use name - Vozd`s neighbourhood. It became the official name in 1904 and in time got its final version Vozdovac.