Romantic dinner for the 14th February

More than enough reasons for festive atmosphere. Do you accept or dismiss calendar rules?

Friday 8th of February 2019

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The 14th of February, are you coming? Of course. You never missed the opportunity to come, you take the city for 24 hours and at midnight you disappear like Cinderella. You bring happiness to someone and others, believe it or not, do not even know you and do not intend to socialize with you.

You, the fourteenth of February, are both loved and disputed. But there are definitely a lot of stories about you. Especially in our region where your day and the day is of Saint Tryphon. Not so popular St. Patron's Day like St. Nikola is well known to everyone because we understood it as a legitimate wine drinking. The younger generation links you exclusively to Valentine's Day. The average Serb, when asked if he celebrates the day of love, will answer that he does it every day and does not see what a one-day celebration is for. Either way, 14th February is a day with more than one occasion for celebration. If this is the situation, you know what is the best thing to do. Of course, book a table in a well-known restaurant.

Romantic evening by Italy is an unmistakable choice. Italians - eternal seducers. With more or less success but they definitely know emotions. They do not try to improvise. They go for it. You do the same. If you want to leave an impression, call the Piatto Saruna restaurant and emphasize that you are coming with your better half. Think of topics for conversation and manners, leave everything else to them. Modern cuisine and high standard interior are on your side.

Tradition always has its audience. When you want to have nice joint moments, you cannot make a mistake with Skadarlija. Velika Skadarlija is really a special restaurant. Everyone wants but cannot merge national and international specialties, a home-like atmosphere, excellent wine and perfect service. The charm of old times, the true Bohemian spirit and you. Perfect night to remember.

What to do on the 14th of February if you are simply not supporter of romantic dinners in restaurants is not a question with no answer. Lovers of the best food from Serbia, it is time for your event. It is not in Belgrade, but very close. At only thirty kilometers away from the capital, one little place is hiding. Its name is Kacarevo. It is located in the municipality of Pancevo and has about 7,000 inhabitants. But there is also a spectacular manifestation - Slaninijada.

Older than many. It was created in 1987. Every year, producers and consumers of domestic bacon and bacon from all over the world gather on more than three thousand square meters. The biggest fair of pure cholesterol and great happiness in the world is visited by at least 100,000 people every year.

The 2019 Slaninijada will be held from 14th to 17th February. Beer drinking and bacon consumption competitions, piglet race, cooking home-made dishes, lots of music and entertainment will mark the famous event this year too.

The 14th of February, thank you for this entertainment offer. You do everything in your power to become a favourite day, not of the month. Of the year.