Mahmut Orhan and Carla's Dream project in Kombank Arena

Turkish DJ and producer and Moldavian music project of anonymous singers and composers perform in the new Arena Dance Club program

Monday 22nd of May 2017

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Twenty four years old Turkish DJ and producer - Mahmut Orhan, who have hit the Top 20 top list in more than twenty countries last year with his track "Feel (feat. Sena Sener)", will perform in Kombank Arena within the Arena Dance Club program on May 26th 2017. Alongside to him, Moldavian music project of anonymous singers and copmosers - Carla's Deam, will take care of great party atmosphere. They are the owners of a hit track from 2016 as well - "Sub Pielea Mea", widely known as "Eroina".

Mahmut Orhan is know for mixing deep house, indie dance and ethno elements of his own cultural area, while Carla's Sream combines several music styles, including hip-hop, jazz, rock and pop.

Party starts at 21:00.