Top 5 gardens for Serbian breakfast in Belgrade

We present to you the list of the most beautiful gardens in Belgrade for the most important meal in traditional style

Monday 29th of May 2017

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Belgrade truly has a fascinating offer of catering facilities. From absolutely modern in accordance with world trends, traditional that cherish rich national history and culture to completely chic and unique venues that can leave you breathless. Going to a restaurant is more than fulfilling gastronomic whims in hedonistic style. It is an obligatory activity for anyone who live his life Belgrade way, it is a traditional getaway from work and stress, it is socializing with loved ones. Everybody has his favourite restaurant where he feels relaxed, his table and his waiter who he can talk to about daily social events as well as about the most important world issues. Meeting the summer season, we present you the list of most beautiful gardens where breakfast in Belgrade is a complete pleasure.

1. Carski lov

On the bank of the river Danube, within Eco zone at Ada huja, there is a restaurant known for game meat specialties and fresh fish. What is special about this restaurant in Belgrade is fascinating view of river from the magnificent garden. The interior is designed in ethno style so comfort is guaranteed. It is a great place to start day in natural environment. Suggestion for breakfast in this restaurant is panada, peppers in kajmak (cream) or imperial eggs.

2. Mala fabrika ukusa

This is a famous restaurant in the city center that combines tradition and imagination, modern trends and typical national hospitality. Forgotten dishes that used to be the only one here, in new and creative edition, won lovers of quality meal over in short time. Beautiful and spacious garden tucked under the treetops is an excellent choice for downtown happenings but without hustle and bustle. What to eat? is a question that can be answered very easily - from imaginative flavours to traditional specialties. Homemade polenta, French toast with cream, panada are just some suggestions - the choice is up to you.

3. Kovac

Contemporary ethno restaurant has existed since 1932. Iconic tavern located in a beautiful house keeps many secret stories and public speeches both of celebrities and ordinary people who pass the culture of bohemian lifestyle from generation to generation. This is a favourite traditional restaurant for many people. At the same time, it is a place in Belgrade that has an irresistible garden with a lot of greenery and big tables that will make the beginning of your day pleasant and relaxing. Flavours of true Serbian breakfast - pone, cheese, cream and ham bring back the smile on your face and give energy for the upcoming day.

4. Kafanica

This is a restaurant of local cuisine situated outside the city center. The interior depicts a rural idyll of the last century when a home-like atmosphere and a rich morsel was imperative. Two gardens surrounded with greenery are at guests` disposal for sumptuous breakfast. Details in the gardens evoke memories from period of decades ago. Hens are domestic animals here and they love their guests so it is no surprise if they walk around the tables. While you are deciding whether to have komplet lepinja (Serbian dish, complete bun), cheese pie or something else, pay attention on a cage where two pigeons do not hide their emotions. High quality rakia and homemade coffee with Turkish delight (rahat locum) are the right choice for the beginning of a day.

5. Ambar

Concrete Hall, the center of downtown happenings, in its wide offer of different restaurants and places to go out to, has a restaurant of Balkan cuisine that perfectly combines traditional flavours and world design. Cream with wild strawberries, lamb pate, pork cracklings and homemade hot sausage are just a part of an amazing offer the restaurant Ambar has. The garden located at favourite city promenade with an extraordinary view of beautiful Belgrade is the best choice for breakfast in the city center. The local cuisine is in cosmopolitan style.