Top 3 pizzas you have to try in Vracar

The most famous Italian gastronomic brand in Belgrade way

Sunday 26th of November 2017

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1. Per Tutti

Vracar also has quiet parts where city crowd is not in charge, but pleasant silence and excellent food. This place is just one of those. Thanks to refined taste of Queen Margherita, the whole world has learned about the pizza that got its name after her. It was created in Naples, and this restaurant is a worthy representative of the favorite pizza for many people. If you are not a fan of classics, order "Prosciutto". Ruccola, cherry tomato and slices of fine ham are the ingredients of the currently most popular pizza in Belgrade.

2. Voulez-Vous

A restaurant that makes all gastronomic desires come true. You choose whether you want classic Italian (thin) dough or Chicago style (thick). The menu contains even twelve magnificent versions of Italian best-selling specialty. For all who like to experiment "American BBQ" is the right option: barbecue sauce, pizza cheese, kulen (flavoured sausage), pancetta, red onion and sweet corn. Voulez-Vous pizza is a great choice for very hungry people because everyone will be satisfied with perfectly combined pelato (peeled tomato), pizza cheese, peppers, mushrooms, ham, bacon, cheddar cheese, black olives and ruccola.

3. La Piazza

The elegance in any sense best describes this restaurant. Considering the fact that the kitchen consultant is Mr. Fabio Rondelli from Bologna, it is clear why you can feel Italy on your palate. Pizza is prepared in a wood stove, and dough is made of the highest quality flour. You are in the right place if pizzas "4 Formaggi" and "Capricciosa" are outstanding for you.