The taste of Belgrade

The best gastronomic symbols of the capital are ahead of you. Are you hungry?

Sunday 10th of December 2017

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Belgrade is the new Berlin. According to many people, even a better version of the German capital. The capital of Serbia is travelled to because of phenomenal people, positive energy, beautiful women, nightlife, rich history and culture. What neither Berlin nor Barcelona has, nor any other city in the world, and we do - is delicious food. A special segment, a kind of tourist attraction that captivates absolutely everyone. The specialties are such that their taste is hardly described by words, but they create an unrepeatable feeling under the palate. If you have not met the biggest stars of the Serbian gastronomy, it doesn't count you were here. There is a list of dishes that you must try in Belgrade.

- Burek. The best choice for breakfast. If it doesn't leave a greasy "personal signature" on paper, then you are eating a pie.

- Gibanica (cheese pie). It resembles a burek, but it is not. It is less fat and the method of making it is different. If you take care of your weight, then proja (cornbread) is for you. Experienced housewives make it from several types of domestic flour. Perfect.

- Kajmak, cheese and prosciutto. Fantastic trio is not hard to find. The local cuisine restaurants are well supplied and you will easily find cheese from Sjenica and prosciutto from Zlatibor in the city center. Because of high cholesterol levels, daily consumption is not recommended. For complete enjoyment, a homemade brandy (rakija) is more than welcome.

- Bacon and pork cracklings. Pork products that melt in mouth. Fans of pork cracklings call them candies. Everything is clear.

- Ajvar (a pepper-based condiment) and pindjur (spicy relish made from eggplants). They are similar in composition but differ in the way they are prepared. They are eaten instead of fresh salads in winter. They perfectly go with all of the above.

- Cabbage roll. Queen of the Serbian cuisine. Be very hungry when you order it, because it will feed even those with the greatest appetite. Combination of sauerkraut, minced meat and rice that wins every time. Bacon and ham, cooked with it for hours, give it a special charm. The summer version are patience dock rolls. Light, yet perfect for warm weather.

- Kebab. It's not just meat. It's fantasy. It is known that excellent kebabs are made in fast food restaurants. So, they eaten standing wrapped in pitta. As a rule, only onion is added and nothing else. Then, they get real taste.

- Pljeskavica. It's not the same as a burger, though it looks a lot like it. There are many versions of them, but classics are classics. Where good kebabs are made, there must be a good burger. For sure.

- Baking. The most favourite is pork. Pork cut into pieces ready for consumption, its fans call bajadera (chocolate dessert). So, it melts in mouth like chocolate.

- Lamb under the bell. The biggest competition to pork baking. In the race for the gold medal there is also veal under the bell. It's all about taste.

- Karadjordje's steak. An iconic dish of Serbian menus. There are many myths and legends of how it was created. Do not pay too much attention to the words and get down to work and get to know the charms of a breaded juicy pork fillet.

- River fish. As Belgrade lies on two rivers, it is logical that there are phenomenal fish restaurants. The best of the Danube is served in its vicinity. Fish soup is a great starter. Some restaurants have been keeping a secret recipe for the soup for decades. They have a good reason why they do so. The soup is superb.

- Pihtije - pork jelly. You love them or you can not even imagine eating them. Be sure to try and decide for yourself. It's made of low-grade cuts of pig meat. We will not reveal anymore.

- Chitterlings on the grill. Who eats this specialty from the grill, he will never order a burger. It is considered a real gastronomy offer. Also, chitterlings and other dishes that are difficult to find in the menus are a special gastro part.

- Shopska salad and Serbian salad. It is not true that Serbs eat only meat. We love these salads. Because they are perfectly compatible with every meat meal. Roasted spicy peppers in particular.

- Vegetables. We are widely known after consumption of greenery. However, potato somehow best fits into anything. If you want to change habits, grilled vegetables are a warm recommendation.

And now... The sweet part

- Baklava, tulumba and urmasice. The influence of Turkey on Serbia has left an indelible culinary trail (which is why we serve the Turkish delight - rahat lokum with a cup of coffee). Many who tried these treats in Istanbul say they are better in Belgrade.

- Plum dumplings. Delicious balls - a dough of potatoes that hides the plum in itself. Richly sprinkled with sugar. They never get out of fashion.

- Koh. Simple and light homemade cake. Sutlijas (rice pudding) is not lagging behind.

- Vasina cake. Only the masters of their crafts know how to make it. If happiness is measured by desserts, then this cake is a dose recommended for everyone for a wide smile on the face.

- Moskva snit. You will take this taste with you as a memory from the capital.

- Krempita (cremeschnitte) and sampita (a whipped meringue dessert with egg yolk crust). Creamy treats, symbols of old times when a romantic meeting was scheduled in a cake shop.

- Tiramisu. It is an Italian cake indeed but local pasty cooks have mastered it as well.