Where to go out to on Friday - 19th January 2018

Techno, hip hop or hot salsa

Tuesday 16th of January 2018

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The DOT club insists on pure techno sound. The nineteenth day of January is reserved for the performance of three domestic DJs. The selection of songs of the DJs from the association "031 Republic" will dictate the mood and the rhythm- Luka Vukovic b2b Ivan Radojevic will play music from 23:00 to 05:00. Another name from the local scene guarantees great time. DJ sam.Luda loves joint guest appearances. It is certain that the famous techno trio will create music for a great time.

The Strafta is a club that has emerged as a good music zone for a short time. Without fear of change, each party is organized with a different music programme. On the third Friday in January, it bears a hip-hop label. The leader of the true R'n'B entertainment in Belgrade is a DJ with a long-standing successful career - Bege Fank. He has changed his artistic name many times, but he never changed his attitude toward his audience. The perfect feeling for the rhythm and the great experience of this DJ and the producer will make sure that the dance floor is crowded until the morning.

The big salsa party with even four DJs starts at 22:00 in the Center of Urban Culture "Imago". Latino rhythm is so popular for many people because it causes positive vibes, it moves the body to dance and creates a cheerful atmosphere. That is exactly how it will be at this place. Music will be played by DJs Timbao, Gorana, Muki and Lady Timbera. The party organizer is "Timbao" Dance School. In addition to numerous dancers, all interested amateurs are welcome. Meet the salsa and feel the magic of this dance.