Parties on Friday

Three completely different clubs for excellent entertainment in the city

Tuesday 12th of March 2019

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Modern, world-class, well-known. Brankow is a club where there are no boring parties. Especially on Friday which is the most important day at this address. Whatever is on the programme, bad entertainment is impossible. There is always crowd, both on the dance floor and around it. Urban clubbing attracts young population that does not lack a good vibe. Smile on every face, a favourite drink in your hand and lots of good music. Yes, that is Brankow from 23:55 to 05:00.

The DOT club organizes a techno party on Friday 15th March from 23:00 to 06:00. Music will be selected by guests from Banja Luka. Guest Joma Maja will take care of every musical detail. Male guest is Mladen Tomic. He is successful far beyond the borders of the region, and known for his perfect sets. The experience of both performers, who know the taste of the audience, guarantees a memorable night. If your hips want energetic techno and tech house, treat them with coming to a special party.

One but worthy. Milan Stankovic, the creator of the Sevdah Baby project, is performing at the Strafta club. Friday 15th March, from 22:00 to 05:00, will sound fantastic. It is not interested in genre divisions nor trends. Music can be good or bad, and anything else is out of the question. When it finds itself in the role of DJ, it prefers funky sound. Whether it will be so during this performance, you will find out only if you come to the place of super entertainment in a great mood.