Humanitarian acoustic concert

Quality music is an excellent support

Sunday 25th of February 2018

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International Rare Diseases Day will be marked with humanitarian acoustic concert "Show your rare - show it is important" at Atelje 212 on 28th February. The event, featuring bands and soloists such as Van Gogh, Nicim izazvan, Eva Braun, Dejan Cukic and Marcelo, draws attention of the public and decision makers to the problems of the sick and their families that they face every day in the healing process.

The concert on the stage "Mira Trailovic" starts at 20:00 and the team of Drzavni posao (State job - TV series) brings cheerfulness and motivation. The funds collected on this occasion will be used to support patients and families.

The National Organization for Rare Diseases of Serbia NORBS is a voluntary, humanitarian and non-profit organization run by people suffering from rare diseases and members of their families. Everyday struggle for exercising the right to treatment and recognition in legal solutions to eliminate all forms of discrimination will be joined by celebrities from the world of music and television.