Tea is always in vogue

Healthy rituals in special places

Friday 16th of February 2018

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Tea is a drink that has been consumed for over four thousand years. The legend says that the Chinese Emperor Shen-Nong discovered the secret of preparing this drink while hunting. According to records, when the Emperor wanted to boil river water on the fire, a tea leaf from a nearby stem fell into the dish. The water quickly changed colour, and the Emperor was delighted with the scent. The other legend says that tea was discovered by Buddhist monks. They used it to enhance body peace and reparation of spiritual energy. In 780, Chinese poet Lu Yii described the ritual of tea preparation. So, all the roads of tea lead to China.

The famous warm drink is linked to Asia, primarily China, England, the Middle East and Russia. After water, tea is the most consumed drink in the world. It is believed to originate from China. To the West and the rest of the world it arrived thanks to priests and merchants who transported it back in the 16th century. The English are most responsible for the fashion of tea drinking every day, and this ritual has been recorded since the 17th century. Tea Party at 17:00 is an excuse for socializing with multiple benefits for health. Unfortunately, most people drink tea only when immunity weakens, and this is a big mistake. Everyday consumption is recommended because the benefits are really numerous. It is not easy to make real tea. Belgrade has real tea houses where the best quality tea is served. Choose your favourite one and while enjoying aromatic scents from the cup, relax in the beautiful ambiance of your favourite tea house.


A place in the center of the city yet completely immune to crowds and noise. The cafe-bookstore has everything it takes for relaxation. It is not necessary to carry your favourite literature, there are plenty here. If it is noted that pets are welcome, it is easy to come to the conclusion that Apropo bar is an ideal choice for everyday rest. Tea is prepared only from the selected leaves. Filter tea bags are forbidden.

Coffee Tea & Sympathy

In a street that has the highest number of passengers there is a place for relaxation from heavy suitcases, departure times and unimportant stories. The ambiance and the offer are completely adapted for relaxation. The stylish interior is enough company during the drinking of a selected cup of tea. Preparation according to the highest standards of only the selected ingredients gives energy for a new journey or creating interesting plans for what to do in Belgrade.


The idea of ​​opening such a place was born in Barcelona. Probably for this reason the relaxing Mediterranean spirit is felt. A specific offer combining enjoyment of reading, art and music has come across great criticism. When offer of excellent teas and fine snacks is added to this, hedonism is guaranteed.

Small Tree Tea House

A magical place at Vracar. The tea house of fantastic look offers a very wide range of teas. Here tea that is consumed comes from China, India, Japan and other distant countries that have great reputation. Tea and sweet bites are a great pair. Explore specific herbal flavours with perfect desserts.

Coffee or tea - an eternal dilemma which drink has more caffeine

Tea is often consumed as a coffee substitute due to the high content of caffeine. During the 1927 study, caffeine from tea was called theine, and as it was later found to be identical to caffeine from coffee, the term theine was eliminated from use. However, there are some differences. An average cup of green and white tea contains less caffeine, especially when prepared at a lower temperature. The amino acid L-theanine exists only in tea, reduces stress without feeling of being awake caused by caffeine.

Because of the added elements, caffeine that is taken in by drinking tea has a weaker but extended effect in regard to classical coffee caffeine. Not all teas contain caffeine. It is found only in teas made from the plant Camellia sinensis, which are green, white, black and oolong (wulong / wu-long). In addition, caffeine is found only in Mate teas, national drink of South America. They are prepared from the Yerba Mate plant.