Serbian books for all times

Mandatory literature that does not have a shelf life

Saturday 10th of March 2018

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1. Satire (Satires) - Radoje Domanovic

If you live in Serbia and you do not understand why something happens that way, turn to the classical Serbian short story of the 19th century. The best of the best in the humorous-satirical tradition of Serbian realism, Domanovic, in his short stories Vodja (The Leader), Danga (The Stigma) and Kraljevic Marko po drugi put medju Srbima (Kraljevic Marko Among the Serbs For the Second Time), reached the peak in the genre of allegorical-satirical story. Our favourite is the short story Razmisljanje jednog obicnog srpskog vola (Reasoning of an Ordinary Serbian Ox).

2. Kad su cvetale tikve - Dragoslav Mihailovic

Banned book and play, the first Mihailovic's novel in the dangerous times of '68. The story of post-war Belgrade and the fates of its inhabitants is told with the language of the main heroes. The novel on departures and returns to Belgrade, about hotheads, street and cold totalitarian regime, struggle for life and fight against death.

3. Ubistvo s predumisljajem (Premeditated Murder) - Slobodan Selenic

Belgrade again in wartime, two love stories. The novel faces two periods that only the calendar separates, but the cramps are almost identical - the collision of liberalism and totalitarianism. Discovering the past through the forgotten fragments of the life of a woman from an upper class seems like good material for the literary work. But discovering becomes an unveiling of events that led to tragic murders and suicides, the relationship of the winners, sacrifices and fates.

4. Beograd za pocetnike - Bogdan Tirnanic

The urban legend of Belgrade writes about Belgrade. The right combination. One of the most important Serbian journalists tells readers about Singidunum, today's Belgrade. In "Baedeker" form, a guide for travelers and tourists, in thirty-one chapters, Belgrade was described. Arriving in Belgrade, walks, stories about cinemas that do not exist today, comics, people, books, important places. Belgrade as no longer exists, but which is recognized in details and "small things", its inhabitants and Belgraders wherever they are.

5. Osama - Vladimir Kecmanovic

An emigrant story through the speech and mentality of the Bosnian Muslims and the vision of the witnesses of the wars of the 1990s. Above all, nice, humorous, but very related to Andric's Dzem Sultan and Camil, as well as Mihailovic's mischief from the novel Kad su cvetale tikve, this novel illuminates those "other" our stories. The dialect wins you over at the first word, and the destinies at every latter.