Sushi restaurants - Japan in Belgrade

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Friday 9th of March 2018

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Serbia and Japan have always been friendly countries. However, gastronomy connects different cultures and nations better than the best diplomacy. Sushi has naturalized and won the title of the most modern specialty. There are fantastic restaurants in Belgrade that serve endless varieties of sushi flavours. Practice holding chopsticks and explore a special segment of Asian cuisine.

1. Moon Sushi Bar

This is one of the first places where citizens of Belgrade and the rest of the world have been learning what sushi was and how to eat it. Attractive rolls are the main reason for the lively atmosphere, especially at lunch time. Japanese perfection dominates in every sense.

2. W Sushi Bar

The city center is in the rhythm of exotics. Successfully mixed international cuisines have resulted in a great response from numerous guests. Sushi Classics - Maki and California rolls are the leading cause of gastro acquaintance with world innovations.

3. Bizu

A special place with a really special menu. The contemporary concept of perfect enjoyment and well-arranged complete ambiance give the perfect feeling during your stay. The address where sushi has a special treatment. An incredibly original mix of well-known and completely innovative ingredients.

4. Go Sushi

Futurism you will not say no to. The powerful energy of raw professionals is transferred to the entire interior and brings a unique story about modern nutrition. Infinite combinations of ingredients create perfect snacks. Here you will learn everything about sushi on the spot. Theory and practice are proven to be the best way to master the lesson.

What is sushi

Traditional dish made in Japan is prepared with cooked rice. It is mandatory to add rice vinegar to obtain a compact mass. So, sushi is not a name for raw fish as many people think. The specialty of raw fish is called Sashimi. The most popular sushi are Maki rolls - a combination of freshly or thermally processed fish, seafood and vegetables that are rolled into the wrapper of pressed algae. The next is Nigiri - sushi obtained from a combination of rice and raw fish. Uramaki sushi is more famous as the California roll and is prepared in the opposite manner from Maki rolls - rice is on the outside. It is popular all over the world and the least in Japan. Futomaki and Tempura are specialties that are also very much represented due to unique taste. Otherwise, in Japan, sushi is eaten more often with hands than with chopsticks.