The perfect restaurants for spring 2018

Spring awakens organism. Regular gastronomic hedonism is recommended

Friday 23rd of March 2018

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Regardless of the weather, the fact that spring arrived in the city gives new energy. The desire for enjoyment is enhanced. The need to be out of home as well. It is very important in Belgrade to spend time at restaurants. Great places in the spring bring new specialties and the latest trends right into your plate. The enjoyment that only quality food can bring into effect. Immediately.

1. Salas 034

Where to feel the magic of spring if not in the natural environment. Gardos, the Danube, the wind in the hair and there is the perfect moment. Vojvodina's gastro magic will awaken drowsy butterflies in the stomach. Plum dumplings in particular. And as the awakening season initiates innovations, order the dumplings but apricot ones. Sweet that it cannot be sweeter.

2. Ruzo moja

A restaurant that will be talked about. Nothing fancy, no globalization. Only tradition and sincere hospitality. The Sava Quay is a mandatory zone for enjoying the first sunny days. Domestic cuisine and the atmosphere like at home will warm both the spirit and the body. As you consume vitamin D, explore all those unfairly neglected flavours of real Serbian cuisine. Relaxed atmosphere with natural beauty.

3. City Garden

Return to the city center. On the third floor of the very popular shopping mall Rajiceva there is a place for ideal enjoyment. Raised, isolated from the usual sounds of the center, it provides the view that is rarely found. Belgrade right in front of you. The menu is simply perfect. From fast meals to real gourmand specialties - everything is on offer. New address for world famous pleasure, in Belgrade way.