Cocktail bars in Belgrade

The best cocktail does not choose a moment. Every is ideal for the perfect mixture of special drinks

Friday 13th of April 2018

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The most famous cocktails from all over the world have got home-made edition long ago. A good cocktail requires a lot of knowledge and quality of the highest level. Unique cocktail bars have a completely special recipe for creating a spectacle in a glass.

1. Kultura bar

If the best-selling cocktail was made of just a lot of ice and "a little bit of this, little bit of that" alcohol, everyone would be master of cocktails. However, the truth is quite different. Kultura bar is a place that knows this lesson well. Mojito, Cuba Libre and other simple cocktails leave for another place. Listen to the bartender here. Already at the entrance while you were entering the bar, he assessed which cocktail is for you. They are never wrong.

2. Cruise Cocktail Bar

The original place has built city popularity and high reputation with top cocktails. Talented bartenders have brought knowledge from many distant countries and overseas ships and they have anchored all they have learnt to the Sava Quay. Belgrade, among other things, has discovered that a carefully dosed mix of quality alcoholic drinks fits perfectly with fresh fruit and vegetables right here, with all its residents and guests. With so much intercontinental knowledge, Mai Tai and other well-known cocktails have a special taste.

3. Shootiranje

People live fast in the capital. Often there is no time for Long Island Ice Tea, Cosmopolitan or evergreen with milk - Pina Colada. That is why there are shots. Short, varied and very attractive mini cocktails make wonders. Especially here, where the bartenders mastered small doses of good fun. They originated in the seventies in the era of the rule of discotheques and still dominate nightlife. Back then, the main party was at the dance floor and the shots were a great innovation so people would not waste time drinking at the bar counter.