Bars with music

Belgrade in the rhythm of DJ and live music

Friday 11th of May 2018

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Bars in Belgrade are a special catering selection. They stand out for a special, casual atmosphere, a very modern interior and a spectacular offer of food and drinks. The capital of Serbia is proud to offer a stay at numerous addresses where the overall impression is commented on in superlative. Whether you are on a tourist trip or you breathe Belgrade air every day, bars are the places you need to visit.

As a rule, bars are larger than cafés and therefore the offer of drinks and food is richer. The bar menu has long been offering much more than snacks and "finger food" that keep company to a favourite drink. Often they are specialties - the trendy gastro spectacle with original innovations. The advantage of staying in the bar is that most do not require reservation of a table that is desirable in restaurants, nor is a special dress code required. Simply, you just come and enjoy.

Music in bars is also very important. High criteria raise the enjoyment on a higher level. It is not enough for a bar to look like according to the latest trends and to offer photogenic portions that capture the likes on social networks. What is being listened to in a bar is equally important.

Live music is a favourite music experience for many people. Talented famous musicians, as well as those at the beginning of their careers, perform in every bar that sticks to good entertainment. There is no rule - everything is played, from classic rock to attractive house hits. Live music raises the mood, especially when a great band is on stage. Rob Roy 1884 bar is a place that insists on quality. The first official Jack Daniel's bar in Serbia, besides the innovative offer of beverages and food, insists on a special music programme. Rock, soul, funk, commercial melodies - everything is on offer.

DJs are not in charge of music only in clubs. What is quite normal in Ibiza, London and other famous destinations is also normal in Belgrade. Electronic music has so many genres and so many divisions so that it is an excellent ally for every moment. Especially when you go to the bar before going to the club because nobody prepares you so well for having fun like good cocktails and music. Boho bar is a place where the exotic, hedonism, world rhythm and completely relaxed style perfectly fit. While relaxing in a comfortable sofa, DJ with his music welcomes the sunset from Kalemegdan. Perfect end of the day. Or the beginning of the adventure that only Belgrade offers at night.