Vegetarian cuisine in Belgrade

Restaurants for healthy gastronomic appetite

Friday 4th of May 2018

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Vegetarians have a lot of gourmand dilemmas about eating in Belgrade. Myth is that someone who has decided not to eat foods of animal origin lives with an empty stomach, and the number of members of this gastronomic group is increasing every day. You still doubt that the vegetarian cuisine is rich in varied and quality flavours? Let's go for a walk through vegetarian restaurants.

When it comes to healthy meals it is also important to know the origin of the food. If they carry the label organic, you get a lot of thanks from your organism. The whole world turned to organic products. In Serbia, they have always existed only there were no restaurants that insisted on proven natural products. The story changed the course with the opening of Gnezdo organic restaurant.

Often there is the question whether the vegetarian diet is expensive. It is much cheaper to grow vegetables than a pig, so - it is not. In the long term, healthy foods significantly affect your health and potentially eliminate certain diseases. When taking care of oneself is combined with positive energy, a place like Radost Fina Kuhinjica is what you get. Tucked away, fine place, hidden from the passers-by views and created for hedonism in an extremely healthy way.

Fashion and food are inseparable. From season to season, they dictate what is new and in. Innovations on a plate in a completely different edition are regular in the Oliva restaurant. The combination of modern gastronomy, proven domestic and foreign flavours and casual interior that welcomes everyone, is also appealing to those who are not really fans of nutritious meatless food.