How much does entertainment in Belgrade cost

Do we always get what we pay for?

Monday 18th of June 2018

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A city that never sleeps. European New York. New Berlin. Belgrade at night has so many different descriptions. What is always the same is the incredible feeling that is always experienced. Night life of Belgrade throughout the year provides a rich entertainment programme. Boat-based clubs, clubs, bars, beer-bars - entertainment is everywhere. How much entertainment in Belgrade costs is often a question. Here is the answer.

In Belgrade people go out later, more precisely, they do not come to the club or boat-based club before midnight. The overture for a party is obligatory, and it is up to you whether you will "warm up" at home or in one of the pre-party bars. The first option is cheaper but the other is much more fun. Prices of drinks in bars are common. If your favourite drink is a strong cocktail or Italian wine, you will need more money than those who like juices or beer. If you have to choose, it is better to drink less, but to order food and to provide yourself a good base for a long night. Preparations at home are a more favourable overture that saves money for the entertainment that follows. In both cases it is important that you have a right company.

You can also walk to famous clubs in the city if you are already in the center, and ladies do not have too high heels. City transport in Belgrade does not have stops near boat-based clubs, so the only option is a car. Alcohol and parties are usually inseparable and in order not to ruin yours and others' evening (in difficult cases even life), a taxi is the only choice. Organize in larger number for going out and save by sharing driving costs. Always choose a known and safe taxi association.

Finally a party! You have booked a central table or a booth in time and your evening starts. Ideal. Reservation is not charged for the best places in popular clubs and boat-based clubs, but mandatory consumption is required. It is about one or two bottles of foreign drinks. The price of a bottle of vodka or whiskey is from 10,000 dinars and more. You do not have a reservation? If it is not crowded, security will let you in the club, and the hostesses will probably place you at the bar counter. You are not required to spend a certain amount of money here, but be prepared for the frowning bartender if you drink one drink for two hours. The prices are higher than in bars, but entertainment is the reason why people come to Belgrade.

Going to another place the same evening is a great choice if you want full fun. It would be the best to check in advance the parties that are organized. The party calendar will help you decide where to go out to in Belgrade.

After a party, there is option number one and that is going to the after party. However, you have spent your energy and just want to go to bed? Sometimes that is OK. The company that partied the whole night must go together for breakfast. Without good night's burek, it is like you did not even go out. The most tasty, and the cheapest part of the clubbing is breakfast in a bakery.