Top 5 songs for July

Music in the rhythm of hot summer

Tuesday 10th of July 2018

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Exotic, short dresses, thin shirts, ice cream and melodies that launch right to tropical beaches are what July is all about. With high temperatures or without them, this is the time of year when everyone has more energy and desire for entertainment. To improve our mood, we only listen to Afro beat.

1. Oreja - Vazilando (2018 Remixes)

Oh, yes! A song that automatically creates a party on the beach. It is enough to imagine that you have moved from the city's routine right to the hot sand, that you enjoy the ice cocktail and the world becomes perfect.

2. Habischman - Reta

In the right company, hot July nights are remembered well. Rhythm for every moment. It is mandatory to listen to it before night out.

3. David Mayer & Floyd Lavine - Sondela feat. Xolisa (Original Mix)

Perfect deep house for the summer 2018. This song is "getting" very easily on the top hits chart. Hey David and Floyd, thanks for the perfect song.

4. Kingsfiso feat. Mbuso Khoza - Ilanga (Manoo Remix)

It is a real hit for daily parties under the open sky. The presence of the Orient brings a relaxed feeling, just the one people tend to in the city. Let the summer last for as long as possible.

5. Sabb - Jeopardized

The DJs already have this thing in the playlists. Night parties in the summer season are quite different compared to winter ones. "Hard" music is not popular now, on the contrary, what relaxes and refreshes is played. Jeopardized is a hit like that.