Parties on Saturday

Belgrade at night in a really good edition

Wednesday 12th of September 2018

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Ibiza in Belgrade? Oh yes! Boho bar and Ibiza Sonica Radio are organizing a joint party at Kalemegdan. On Saturday, 15th September from 18:00 to 03:00, Belgrade clubbers will have the opportunity to feel the magic of the entertainment with music from the best island where parties never stop. DJs Nenad Mandic and Katarina Batuta - Lilu will warm up the audience at "Ibiza Sonica showcase" for a special sunset, and after their sets, a live stream party starts. Direct broadcast of the last "Ibiza Sonica" party for the summer 2018 should not be missed. DJs Ernesto Altes and Valentin Huedo will play the music.

In 2006, Ibiza Sonica Radio was founded by a DJ Igor Marijuan and a marketing manager Miguel Valverde. The original idea was to present at least a part of the incredible music programme that rules Ibiza to the whole world, via the Internet. Success was there, and joint projects like the next party in Belgrade are a continuation of the goal from the beginning - to make the whole planet dance to Ibiza rhythm.

Only world style. Lasta, boat-based club, has recently received the award for the best club in Belgrade. This award has come from the prestigious portal "Finest Clubs" that goes all over the planet and finds the best places for entertainment. Congratulations! Famous location on the river promises first-class entertainment on Saturday, 15th September. The party starts at midnight and will last until 05:00. Do not look for line up, but find a place for yourself and indulge yourself with the charms of great fun.

Relaxed clubbing on the river is popular as well. Shlep, boat-based club, is a place where you do not need to dress up too much. The only mandatory accessory is a good mood. On Saturday, 15th September, music editor at the "Shleparenje" party is an experienced DJ Marko Gangbanger. An absolutely fantastic selector of high-quality beat will perform until five in the morning.