Where to for the weekend: parties on Saturday

The best entertainment is at boat-based clubs

Wednesday 6th of June 2018

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The hot summer has not officially started yet, and the open-air clubbing for the 2018 season is moving the already high boundaries of good entertainment. Going out at the weekends is the reason why people work very hard every day and deserved enjoyment is expected all night. If you like to share the dance floor with foreign guests, to be among beautiful people and listen to modern house, the Freestyler boat-based club is a place for you. The music hosts Mirko and Meex take over the DJ counter at midnight. You have time to 05:00 to have a great time in a very popular way.

Hot Mess is playing r'n'b and hip hop sound on Saturday, 9th June from 22:00. The "Cherry on Top" party brings the biggest hits from the end of the nineties and the beginning of the 2000s, therefore, there will be dancing to the retro rhythm. DJs Ike and Lea are the duo who wins. They perfectly know what moves the audience, and hostesses of the party - the Cherry Girls Squad are in charge of the excellent atmosphere. Crazy summer night.

Lasta is a boat-based club that brings tropical energy to the city with its interior and music choices. Palms, cocktails, disco balls and a smile on each face create truly unique parties. If you did not wait for the morning at City boat-based club among hundreds of clubbers, it is high time. The ninth June night will pass in house manner, and the music will be chosen by Collective, Dooshan and Milos Starcevic. The show starts five minutes before midnight.