Club entertainment on Saturdays

Parties at famous boat-based clubs at Usce are waiting for you

Wednesday 1st of August 2018

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The first Saturday in August promises a great night which allows everything except staying at home and sleeping. Keep in mind that the summer is coming to an end and that you will be waiting all year for a crazy nightlife at boat-based clubs. To avoid a feeling of regret, plan your night out for Saturday night.

Freestyler is a boat-based club that for decades has been a top spot for unforgettable entertainment. The fourth day of August, from midnight to five in the morning, is reserved for another "House Night" party, more simply for something that should not be missed. People have fun on Saturdays with house chosen by the music hosts Mirko and Meex. The DJs who are gladly listened to by the whole of Europe, the exclusive ambiance and guests who like to go out are ready for the first Saturday in August. And you?

Tag boat-based club has a particularly interesting programme on Saturdays. The "Get Low" project is much more than a party, and DJ Architect is the founder, initiator and host of r'n'b spectacle. On Saturday, 4th August, a minute before midnight, another very good party starts. Take the best company for having fun and dance until the morning to your favourite rhythm.

Another boat-based club at Usce, Shake'n'Shake, is an address where there is no room for bad entertainment. Saturday is called "Pandemonium", and the commercial house attracts positive, beautiful and young people from all over the country and abroad. Exotic magic only summer can create, great cocktails and great crowds are ongoing in August and, if weather allows, in the first part of September. Hurry because the time is flying. It is best to come at the beginning of the evening when DJ Vuk starts, at 23:30. Take the best place and enjoy the clubbing on the river.