Top 5 songs for September

Powerful groove for the end of the summer vibes

Monday 10th of September 2018

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The summer beat is still on. Open-air dancing will not be available for long. Unfortunately. Hot nights are replaced by closed clubs and, naturally, a slower rhythm arrives. Therefore, we complete a list of songs that relates to summertime. With these things, the autumn regime and the cold days are much easier to tolerate.

1. Offaiah - Private Show (Mr. Sid Private Remix)

This is called hit! Four minutes of full enjoyment for every moment. It does not matter if you wake up with these bars or prepare for a night out. Top vibe is guaranteed.

2. Piem - Love Commandments (Alaia & Gallo Remix)

The first association of summer is exactly this kind of rhythm. Playful and positive pace is making you dance in the first seconds. It is a real electro treat.

3. Ferreck Dawn & Robosonic - Old Dollars

The product from 2017 sounds like it was made yesterday. A completely good song that will be listened to for a long time both in cars and in clubs around the world.

4. Jimi Jules - Othervision

People are waiting for the morning in the clubs because of these songs. The absolutely dominant talent of Jimi Jules is what is required in the world of electronic music. At first it appears to be quite simple, however, this song has reached the playlists of numerous famous DJs.

5. Kiro Prime & Allan Nunez - La Esperanza

An inevitable Latino marks every summer. In this combination, the hot summer rhythm and attractive groove are equally represented. When the autumn rain starts, play this song and turn up the volume and do not let bad weather spoil your mood.

Bonus: Mihalis Safras - Don (KALUKI)

Techno for straight A! Listen well, because this song will certainly be played during the winter club season.