Unique fine dining

Parlez-Vous francais?

Friday 5th of October 2018

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Fine dining is the most exclusive type of restaurant. The first examples of such a completely special catering industry were created in Paris after the French Revolution. The place of origin has influenced the overall look and style of the cuisine, so in the whole world, at addresses where gastronomic luxury is served, you can expect French cuisine with touch of Mediterranean. In Belgrade there has long been a form of elite tastes and unusual interiors, which is not the case with vocabulary. There is still no Serbian word for fine dining. Fine cuisine is not an adequate translation because fine dining is not only incredible specialties. All elements are equally important. The location, the overall look of the restaurant, service, food and music are fine dining.

How to recognize an authentic fine dining restaurant in Belgrade? Easy. For example, if you see on the table that paper trays are placed instead of high-quality tablecloths, you better give up the adventure. If the management is ready and obviously capable of faking in the visible part of the restaurant, just imagine what is in the kitchen. In an attempt to justify it, they will probably say that the global trend is the elimination of redundant "elements" and that, because of savings, energy or some other, they all turn to minimalism. The paper tray has never been, nor will it be, the exclusivity.

Savamala is a part of the city where there is a real fine dining restaurant. Salon 1905. The Belgrade Cooperative building was extremely important to the former Belgrade business population. Today, the same building is known as the building of Geozavod, and it is even more popular for the restaurant that creates an unforgettable pleasure here. Hereditary architecture did not disappear. On the contrary. Probably one of the most beautiful buildings is the perfect place for real fine dining. Strict rules are obeyed. Table setting, fantastic ambiance and light jazz. Félicitations! Foie gras or steak with recommended wine will make you feel like never before.

If you still doubt that Belgrade is on a world gastronomic map, look for a book, the travel guide "Holiday travel book: 40 restaurants that are worth a visit" written by Wolfgang Rössig. Available in several languages, it recommends where to eat in The Old Continent. The Belgrade Salon 1905 is on the list of the best restaurants in Europe worth visiting.

Fine dining in a private form is hidden in Zemun. Restaurant Salon 5 is not a place that you will accidentally discover. Just as their success is not accidental. In each fine dining restaurant the menu is much shorter than usual. Yet again, everyone will find a specialty to their taste. If you are a fan of modern food, carbohydrate dominance or huge amounts of meat in a plate, you are not a candidate for fine dining. There is no fryer in the kitchen and do not ask if they serve French fries. The main feature is the best and always fresh ingredients. Steps in the preparation process are the key to fine dining cuisine. Only highly-trained chefs with a lot of experience use special cooking techniques that preserve quality and create incredible tastes. In Salon 5, every chef is just like this.

Of course you have chosen an elegant outfit for visiting such restaurants. Booking a place in advance is not recommended only because of crowds. It is etiquette here. Fine dining restaurants are not for casual lunch or dinner. Here people slowly enjoy every minute, bite and sip.