Great time for the Republic Day

Yugoslavia does not exist, but the tradition of celebration has been held

Monday 26th of November 2018

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No more imposing celebration of 29th November. Tito, five-pointed star and much more - everything is past. There are still memories and different views on the period of communism. And the rule that everybody is having a good time for the Republic Day. New age, new customs. There is no more mass consumption of roasted pork and non-working celebrations. That is why there is plenty of great clubbing on Thursday.

Mr. Stefan Brown has no problem with history. It is proud of its own and respects the history of the state. There are great chances that hot hostesses will be dressed as Tito's pioneers. Uninformed or not, they always spread great energy. The main entertainer on Thursdays after midnight is Gru. Experienced performer of domestic and regional hip-hop and rap scene will show on the spot, at the DJ desk, why he has been nonpareil for decades.

Ben Akiba club will celebrate 29th November in a very good rhythm. The "Bom Som" party starts at 22:00. Until 06:00, music will be played by Luka Cikic, Zlatnichi, Igor Krsmanovic and Roxa. Pioneers as well as all those who were born after 1982 and do not know much about pioneering days are invited to a party that is winning over at the beginning. As soon as the light goes down, and the volume up, it will be clear to you that a good night is ahead of you.

Patriotism in Tito's time was much different than today. At that time, they all strived for equality. Everybody drove red Yugo, spent years in the same workers' resorts... They certainly did not think the same, but they were all speaking mostly identical. Total contrast from today.

Then it would be almost unthinkable to organize a party called "Body & Soul Night" and invite people to a salsa evening in a nightclub. Dancing yes, cocktail evenings obligatory, but the salsa plus bachata and kizomba - almost impossible. Buy, buy group think! On 29th November 2018, from 22:00 to 03:00, at Strafta club, DJ Jajao will play exclusively music for sensual dance. Dress up in red and take the best place on the dance floor.

The Republic Day was commemorated every 29th November since 1943, when the second session of AVNOJ was held in Jajce, Bosnia and Herzegovina. At the meeting, a decision was made on the "federal structure of Yugoslavia" and at the same time, the entire Serbian royal family was forbidden to return to the country. The act that led to the creation of a socialist Yugoslavia was officially celebrated in Serbia until 2002. On the same day, the United Nations mark the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People.