Top 5 songs for December

If we had to wait for this kind of music until the end of the year - well, it was worth it!

Thursday 6th of December 2018

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Invite your crew, get the Christmas tree and decoration out of the boxes, prepare your favourite snacks and drinks, and turn up the next five songs. You categorically refuse New Year's decoration into your own four walls and you are sure that none of the above will happen. Then again turn up December's hits. Whatever you do, do not forget to listen to music. Really good music.

1. Axwell - Nobody Else

If you were wondering how the New Year's Eve sounds, you can find the answer in this song. It was released on the last day of November and it will surely "survive" much longer than one season. A superb house thing that moves the whole body in the first seconds.

2. Black Coffee & David Guetta feat. Delilah Montagu - Drive

Ibiza beat! A typical rhythm for the island with the best parties in the world. Black Coffee and David Guetta perform throughout the season in popular clubs in Ibiza. They definitely wanted to show incredible energy from the island to the audience around the globe. The mission is fully completed.

3. Eddie Thoneick & Kurd Maverick - Reckless

Very good house has recently been launched and there seems to be no person who did not like the perfect pace and perfect production. This will be listened to both in the offices while the boss is at the meeting and in the clubs.

4. Icarus - Man of the Land (Ft. Real Lies)

Still on the same frequency, we are only slightly slowing the pace. Not every day is for wow hits. While you are making a list of what to buy for the New Year's Eve and who to send cards to (for a change, send the real one, not electronic) or resting in the afternoon, enjoy the real winter track.

5. Nico de Andrea - The Shape (Kryder Remix)

A dose of the summer. This remix brings back the sense of light wind on the whole body so strongly. A striking flashback of parties under the open sky, right before dawn. Also, another proof that some songs are timeless. Sting is one of the artists who make such songs - that last forever.