Where to go out to: club or tavern

Electronic music VS folk music

Monday 21st of January 2019

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Where is the best entertainment in Belgrade has not been a question of choice but taste for a long time. The most important thing is to first get to know basic information. When you master them, a new dilemma follows. Where to go out? There are three answers - clubs, boat-based clubs and taverns. Now you need to decide on kind of music that you plan to have fun with. Here is the biggest difference in everything that Belgrade offers at night.

Clubs in Belgrade have a very diverse music programme. Techno, trance, r'n'b, hip-hop, trap, house, Afro beat, soul, funk, dance and music from the 1980s and 1990s are regular on the Belgrade entertainment repertoire. Not so often, but the sound of the sixties is also available. Pop and rock bands are regular guests at many addresses. Jazz evenings are also available.

There is a big difference between modern and underground clubs. In the first case, it is necessary to get dressed and prepare for the modern beat. All those clubs that define themselves as relaxed, underground or they simply do not follow trends play music they want without desire to be in place in the city. The biggest clubs are mostly reserved for gala techno events with popular DJs from around the world and well-known domestic support.

Belgrade offers far better clubbing than most European cities. Without exaggeration, local clubs are excellent. There may not be as many diverse choices as in Berlin or London, but club vibe is guaranteed. Plus, nowhere near you will find an authentic tavern entertainment.

Taverns in Belgrade are places where exclusively folk music is played. In music terms, differences are minimal. Differences are hidden in the type of tavern. There are typical Bohemian ones, such as in Skadarlija. There is no sound system here. The tambourines or Gypsies, who "touch" your soul with a song, are in charge of the rhythm and mood. They never stand in one place but go around the guests all the time and fulfill their wishes all evening. Accordion, guitar and vocals will cause a stir.

Small taverns with incredibly pleasant, almost home-like atmosphere are the symbol of Zemun. The musical programme is similar to Skadarlija one. In other words, musicians are singing live, mostly old and folk songs that last for decades. Tips i.e. money for music (muzicki dinar) is required. From the initial toasting at the table, as the evening goes on, the entertainment is also changing. Dancing on chairs and tables is quite normal.

The latest trend in the world of entertainment with local music was launched only a few years ago. And it has a lot of audience. Modern taverns do not have plaid tablecloths or bohemian spirit. The interior is more like a club than a tavern. The latest lighting and audio equipment and a large space with dance floor are the first signals that you came to the 21st century tavern. The entertainment is no longer just at your table, with your friends, with a lot of drinks, but you dance since the beginning of the evening. Popular singers and bands entertain guests, and the programme consists of new songs and old hits, but altered and faster. Young people are the most numerous guests.

If you are starting to get to know Belgrade, be sure to visit both clubs and taverns. Clubs will delight you for the ultimate energy and really good DJs. Maybe the taverns are exactly what you miss. You probably will not understand a word in folk songs, but you will experience something that you did not even know that exists. Both happiness and sadness. Party like a wedding reception. You will not know until you show up at the tavern.