Nightlife in Belgrade

Practical information you need to know about Belgrade entertainment

Monday 10th of December 2018

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The well-known nightlife in the Serbian capital is not easy to get to know. A lot of options for partying late at night easily confuse. If you go out at night in Belgrade for the first time, be sure to read this text. If you have already experienced Belgrade vibe, make sure you are familiar with all the details. Read quickly and get ready for excellent nightlife even more quickly.

1. When to come to Belgrade for party time?

Always. Club season lasts all year. During the winter, parties are in clubs, while the summer is reserved for boat-based clubs and other places under the open sky.

2. Where to go out?

Places for entertainment are clubs, taverns, boat-based clubs and bars with music. Party calendar reveals into details where you can go to and club news discover what kind of party there is every night. Tavern calendar solves the mystery where great folk parties are.

3. What kind of music is listened to?

People only listen to electronic music in clubs. The DJs most often play house, techno and r'n'b. Trance parties are often organized but they are rarely on usual programme. In taverns, folk music is played live. Pre-party bars have a different programme, ranging from pop and rock live performances to DJ nights.

4. Is it safe in Belgrade?

Absolutely. The crime rate is minimal. Feel free to move, without any fear that something will happen to you. Almost every club and tavern have security. You are safe at any time.

5. How much does it cost to go out?

Far less than in other European cities. Prices of drinks vary from place to place. Depending on what you mean by going out, you will need a larger or lower budget. Be sure to get informed before you go out.

6. Taxi

The city's biggest drawback is "illegal" taxi drivers. The registered taxi associations are identified by two boards on the roof of the car, and at the end of the vehicle registration plates always have the letters TX. You do not have any worries with such vehicles.

7. Is the entry to the club charged?

For standard parties, the entry is generally not charged. Buying tickets is obligatory when big names from the world scene are visiting and when big parties are organized. At places where the ticket is necessary, prices are minimal and range from one hundred to several hundred dinars.

8. Is it necessary to make reservations and how much do they cost?

In most places they are not needed and they are free, but it is advisable to make a reservation in advance due to crowd. If you want a central table or booth, you do not pay even then, but a certain consumption of drinks is mandatory.

9. Is dress code required?

Generally no, though it is safer to get dressed. You will not enter any club wearing tracksuit and trainers. Casual elegance is quite enough.

10. Are drugs allowed?

In Belgrade, drug use is completely prohibited. Do not believe the story that drug is legal because it is not. At night, there are police both civilian and in uniforms. Do not risk a good time for illegal substances.