Three times a party

Where to go out to at the last weekend in February

Thursday 21st of February 2019

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The spectacular end of the second month is guaranteed at the Hangar club. Without saying much, we are moving to top clubbing. Hot Since 82 performs on 23rd February. The beginning of the party is at 23:00 and the end at 06:00. It is not enough even 12 hours of loud music when it comes to this kind of music. So come right to the beginning because Andrew Meller, Wise D, Kobe and IDQ will perform with the British sensation. Forget about everything you are thinking about that night. Enjoy and have time like never before.

The good old Plastic finally remembered to open its door. Excellent party will take place on Saturday, 23rd February from midnight to 10:00. Special guest is experienced Anja Schneider, and Kristina LalicSugar Lobby, TKNO and Nemanja Godjevac will play music along with her.

Anja Schneider has been working for a long time. She is a DJ, a producer, the owner of the label "Sous Music", always creative and ready to transfer her knowledge to young people. She lives in Berlin and performs in the whole world. Passion for electronic music took her to a DJ counter at the time of the early nineties and she still creates with the same emotions. Her sets are never the same, and each performance is a unique musical-artistic story for itself.

You are not a techno fan? Then you love trance. If so, then you will come to the Andergraund club on Saturday 23rd February. You do not have to think why, here is the answer. Right at 23:00, the "Retro Trance Special Edition" party starts. And it is the real special because Aharon Segal and Guy Zukrel from Israel, better known as MFG are visiting. High school friends have long shown their talent in the global trance scene. No doubt, they will make an excellent show in Belgrade. Domestic support is Mica, Filip Nikolaevic and Mark Panic.