December in Belgrade 2017

The countdown begins

Sunday 3rd of December 2017

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There goes the year 2017 in the blink of an eye. It's like we all comfortably took seats in a Japanese high-speed train and here we are - the last stop, please get off. Where have we been? What have we seen? Where are we going now? Those are common questions when the famous "countdown mode" takes us. No worries and stress. There are holidays to rejoice and enjoy. Belgrade was taken over by a festive euphoria and the entire city is decorated and ready for thirty-one days of great fun.

Belgrade Winter brings entertainment for everyone's taste. We suggest you to dress in warm clothes and explore events at the most popular city locations. Ice skating, concerts at the Square, events at the Sava promenade, "Future Park" at the Fair are just some of the activities that Belgrade has like the world's largest metropolises. Given the fact that the "Open Heart Square" is of humanitarian character this year as well, the satisfaction is even greater. Buy an interesting gift here, treat your loved ones and help those in need.

The parties in December were expected to be excellent. Whatever music you are listening to, you will have company for dancing till the morning. Marko Nastic is an unofficial host of the club entertainment in Savamala. Already on 7th December, he performs at the Mladost Club with a great support. Sasha will do his best to make the famous Privilege out of the Hangar club on 9th December. If you spend at least one night in Belgrade like on Ibiza, you can say that this year was great. Trance, dance, hip hop and retro beat are perfectly distributed in clubs. The party calendar solves the dilemma of where to tonight, choose a favorite club and indulge yourself with the best clubbing in Europe.

New Year's mood includes magnificent concerts. If you missed the first, you have two more concerts of Zeljko Joksimovic. The old hits in the new arrangement coloured by the holiday magic are a real idyll. No less romantic Masimo Savic will beautify the end of the year with great concerts. We are sure that the Sava Center will host more city beauties in December than any other place. Perfect music treat for the end of the year.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! A hymn of all those who love cold weather. And how many of you are not interested in the New Year's Eve? Even it goes on your nerves? Probably a lot. We support both. It's important to be happy. Home kind of people can enjoy Netflix content while waiting for a new episode of the most popular series "Shadows over the Balkans". After a long time, the Sunday returned that old rhythm, when evening is spent with TV and popcorn. However, if you decide to decorate the Christmas tree, turn on summer hits. A great combination to encourage yourself to think about the summer 2018 and plans for the future because, you must admit it, everywhere is winter around you.

Make it December to remember!