Belgrade stories: block 45 part I

Furthest from the center but not at least bothered. It is itself the center of the world

Monday 15th of April 2019

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A city in the city. Neighbourhood of the Sun. Belgrade ghetto. There are many nicknames, but its name best fits it. Everyone has heard about block 45 (Blok 45). Concrete on concrete with many concrete around it can be understood and loved only by the one who settled here before he became aware of himself. Others, give yourself a chance to discover the Novi Beograd's lifestyle.

In comparison to other blocks, the most people live in it. It is expected because the block 70 and 45 are the largest blocks in Novi Beograd. Viewed from the direction of the main part of the city, it takes some time to get to this zone. Far less than it takes to leave the block 45.

Skyscrapers are the first thing that comes to mind. The Sava Quay follows. Cycling lanes, numerous tree lanes, benches all around, mystery of buildings numbering, traditional New Year's fireworks, football and basketball memorial tournaments, charming low-rise buildings along the Sava River and children's playgrounds are recognizable symbols of the block.

In the 1990's, it was considered a dangerous place controlled by criminal groups and rooters. There were also such epochs, but they are part of history. Block 45 has its own police station and the chance to have an unpleasant experience is very slim. Please note that there are 45 high-rise buildings accompanied by 23 two-storey and four-storey buildings which are home to a large number of people. Among the 18,000 inhabitants, there are most of them who have been living here since birth and have no intention of spoiling the image of their neighbourhood.

In the block, the time runs the fastest on the benches. Local hanging out can never get bored because there is always an abundance of topics. Instead of having a real night out, young people often gather together in their own neighbourhood where they spend nights with music and alcohol. It is almost impossible to find a free bench in summer. Very much in-demand are those that are hidden.

The view that there is absolute peace here because the block 45 is at the end of the city is wrong. Due to the proximity of the airport, airplanes ready for take-off and landing are heard non-stop. Bus and tram station has its own sound and rhythm. Freighters often ply with not such pleasant sirens. However, all this is not so important because the block has more advantages than disadvantages.