Musical magic: Mathame duo

The back up of the clubbing movement Afterlife, the students of the famous Tale of Us collective are winning over the techno audience at an incredible pace. All over the world

Sunday 21st of April 2019

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Mathame are brothers Amedeo and Matteo Giovanelli. They have invested themselves and their energy to get here where they are today. To the club of your favourite DJs. Festivals, cities, nightlife temples - everybody wants them. And they carefully choose where they will perform and what they will prepare for each new meeting with the audience.

They have never been the same. From the first to the current studio release they do not give up on innovations. They always bring something new and different, which causes great enthusiasm. The music they create is melodic and energetic. It is absolutely modern and, at the same time, classic because quality beat does not have a shelf life.

Since the beginning of the cooperation with the label "Afterlife", the Italian duo has become a world-wide famous. Prior to their milestone, they had worked with successful houses, but they were not even close to their current status. It was impossible that their passion for music would not be a great success. Matteo, as an older and wiser brother, knows the rules of night life and his music. Amedeo, ten years younger, knows what the audience wants and has incredible energy to accomplish what he imagines. Together, they are simply great combination.

In 2013, the brothers decided to enter into a joint venture. Mount Etna, the most active volcano in Europe, more precisely a forest placed at the slopes of it is their homeland. Their parents edited the rock radio in the 80's and they were the first to discover their talent for music.