Painting Easter eggs

Preparations on time for the most entertaining part of the rich Serbian tradition

Friday 12th of April 2019

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Easter 2019 is on 28th April. Customs say that Easter eggs are painted always on Good Friday, which this year is 26th April. Forget simple painting in red. Stick to only one rule and you will be declared the creator of the most beautiful eggs. The golden rule says - there are no rules.

Classic colours, metallic, matte. Monochrome and colourful. Sequins, stickers, beads, zircons. Modest and completely extravagant. In retro knitted basket, next to chickens and bunnies or in a bowl with popular fur, feathers and discreet addition of religious symbols. For one day, become an artist with a child's perception. Include family, company, friends. Let your imagination run wild and enjoy.

If you are wondering how to paint eggs, you will get a lot of answers. It is essential to first boil them well and to take care of whether the decoration is edible. Avoid egg colours without labels, and if you use glue, find as natural as possible.

OK, this is all easy in theory. Practice however requires certain knowledge. The easiest way to paint Easter eggs is to watch a video that resolves all the dilemmas live. Here you are. Let the party begin right now.

A step backwards, at the beginning of creativity in the kitchen. The basis is the most important and to be honest, it is not simple. Each Easter somebody is painting eggs for the first time. How to boil eggs best, whether it is better to buy white or classic ones and what tricks really work are just some of the beginner's dilemmas. Listen carefully, watch carefully and you will have Easter eggs for straight A. Good luck!