Restaurants for a business meeting

By unspoken rules, the most important decisions are rarely made in an office. The same unspoken rules say that the selected restaurants are like made for successful business deals

Friday 3rd of May 2019

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Often, office conversations are very confidential and require a different environment, outside the company. Business topics are often moved from the meeting room to the restaurant. As not every conversation is for the company walls, so is not every restaurant for business gathering. There are certain steps for an ideal choice. Here they are.

At the top of the list there is a private atmosphere. If you want to have a business meeting in a restaurant, choose those in which the tables are separated enough. The proper distance between the chairs, without leaning against one another, is very important. It is important that what you say at the table stays between you, not in the whole hall. Suggestion: romantic restaurants are known for their privacy. Ask the staff to eliminate, in this case excessive decor off the table and there you have comfort.

The location of the restaurant you are in is very important. Still, business is the main reason and it would not be wise to waste valuable time on transport. Since most business institutions are located in the main city zones, choose restaurants that are in Stari grad.

Modern municipality and the same kind of restaurants. Yes, that is Novi Beograd. Known for numerous representative offices of world corporations, it is swarming with business people from 09:00 to 17:00. In a rich offer you will easily find a bar or restaurant to business meeting's taste.

Make sure that food does not take precedence over a business discussion. Forget about specialties that require full attention during consumption such as, for example, sushi or multi-layer burgers. Stick to classic dishes - the simpler the better. If you can, avoid too much liquid food as well as portions with many sauces.

If your business partner is from abroad, the best thing to do is to go to a Serbian cuisine restaurant. Be sure to check out which type of food is preferred by your guest before going to a business lunch. If he is not a fan of meat, look for a good place in fish restaurants on time. True gourmands are more likely to agree to a compromise if they are in the ambiance of a restaurant serving portions of pure meat.

Now that you know that you have everything available to you, focus on the winning ventures and be like the entire business world. Always busy. Always in Belgrade restaurants.