Top 5 songs for June

There is no dilemma! This is the month for superb house

Tuesday 4th of June 2019

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The summer is hot nights, short dresses, cool cocktails and lots of light music. It does not matter what is out there, make sure that good vibe dominates your environment. If the summer will not come to town, bring it to your speakers. Now, positive, fast and popular music performances are being listened to.

1. Jennifer Lopez & Steve Aoki - Medicine

He is amazing as much as she is a femme fatale. A joint project that will make them rub their hands happily and you dance non-stop.

2. GIMS, Maluma - Hola Señorita (Maria)

What is the summer without a song about Maria? Latin season 2019 is officially open and, definitely, the start is great.

3. Kylie Minogue - New York City

Ah, Kylie! The unexcelled electro pop star has a hit that brings the retro sound of the eighties in the new packaging. A completely catchy song for every moment of the summer.

4. Carly Rae Jepsen - Too Much

Calm, sensual, simply ideal for a light morning and a ride in the car while the sun goes down. When you do not have a plan for action, play this thing and ideas will come themselves.

5. Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber - I Don't Care

The most popular song from the list. Ed and Justin won over the global audience in no time. An interesting match will hardly find its place in clubs. That is why radio stations will be their home.