Music for the summer

Someone will move hips to hot rhythm. Someone will dance to unexcelled club beat. Absolutely no one will be indifferent to powerful summer sound

Thursday 18th of July 2019

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Friends can cancel going to the pool at the last minute. Once the organization fails, packing for the chosen destination becomes a nightmare in a moment. Preparation for a night out is never complete. Stop! Change the game rules. Everything you missed for a top party is great music. Finally, here it is.

Hey, it is summer. One and only 2019. You will not remember it for failures and failed options? Of course you will not. To begin with, listen to a typical summer set. With this vibe, the entire hot season will be perfect. Louie Vega took the exact measure of summer vibes and packed them in almost ninety minutes. You do not have anything left but to dance exotic way.

And now, a bit more serious music treat. The recently released video records new views at the speed of light. Why not when Solomun is perfect. It is allowed to debate about him. About the music he signs absolutely not. Both sophisticated and rude. Both light and strong. His production has no limit. Do not forget that your speakers have limits. But they tolerate countless listening to the same rhythm. For waking up. For a break from work and people. For pre & after party. For every summer moment.