Dinner for two

Romance in focus

Sunday 12th of November 2017

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Whether there is a big cause or not, going out for dinner with a partner is always a special date. Romantic restaurants add "that something" to a special night out with their interior, music and the whole impression. We present the top 5 restaurants that are most suitable for going out for a romantic dinner.

1. Little Bay

Piano, candles, dark warm tones with details in the colours of gold - fantastic. A versatile menu featuring traditional meals and portions of modern bites discreetly emphasizes that this is still the 21st century, not the fairy-tale past. When you want to mark important dates, this restaurant is the right choice.

2. Lorenzo & Kakalamba

At first glance, it does not seem like a discreet oasis of peace, however, when you are comfortably accommodated (be sure to book your table in advance) and look closely around yourself, you will realize that "crazy" romance is in the air. There is no need for flower petals scattered around the table here to feel gala and the food is so delicious that there are small chances not to overeat. If you have plans for the rest of the evening, do not let yourself be fascinated by the menu but give priority to the person you came with.

3. Salon 1905

Pure extravagance. A really special restaurant in Belgrade with surreal interior. It is so elegant and smooth that you get the impression that the tuxedo with hat and ball gowns are the best choice when it comes to clothing. A place that calls for a glamorous style. Good choice if you have a goal to fascinate another person.

4. Sindjelic

Here, elegance and tradition go hand in hand. Tables at sufficient distance provide intimacy during the conversation, and the homelike ambiance, where bordeaux colour has the leading role, gives a relaxing feeling and a pleasant atmosphere. For those who are not really romantic in a smooth way, this restaurant is the right place.

5. Radmilovac

Romanticism for everyone. A beautiful combination of good taste and iconic household. Details, colours and services will make you let go to the beautiful emotions, and if we look at the fact that this place was created from the love of a married couple, it is quite clear why there is special energy in the air.

P.S. Do not forget the etiquette, a symbolic gift is a necessary little thing and be as charming as possible. Do not experiment with food choices and keep foods simple to eat without many sauces and those specialties that require samurai skills to master and finally eat. The goal is to spend a pleasant evening with a dear person.