Parties on Friday - 23rd February 2018

What does the beginning of the last weekend in the month bring?

Tuesday 20th of February 2018

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The end of February 2018 will be marked by a variety of musical events. The choice is great. From standard parties to special musical events. One thing is certain. You will not stay at home either this weekend.

Friday 23rd February passes in a well-known rhythm at The Bank club. DJ Prema is in charge of the entertainment called "Straight to the Bank" dominated by the R'n'B atmosphere and famous house and hip-hop songs. Top-class clubbing for all lovers of modern sound begins right at midnight.

Zappa barka invites for the third edition of the party "Je l' si u fazonu?" (Are you in the mood?) organized by the WB Community. Gay events are known for a large amount of positive energy and music for dancing. This Friday, from 23:00 to 05:00, music is played by DJ Nita Dekanj. EDM, R'n'B and pop hits will mark fun at the famous bar.

DJ collective Vatra celebrates the 7th birthday at the Youth Center. The big party starts on Friday, 23rd February at 22:00, and special guests are Cake Beats from Novi Sad. The team that makes the collective are well-known names all over Serbia - byp_, Inspektor, Fake Casual and 50 Grass. They gathered in 2011 with the desire to promote rap and r'n'b music. The plan was very successful, and the parties they organize are very popular.