The first parties in November

The beginning of the new month is for straight A

Tuesday 30th of October 2018

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Like clapping, party after party and November arrived to the city. The entertainment on Friday will be great. Who loves r'n'b but in the best possible edition, he can freely go to The Bank club. At midnight, the party "Straight to the Bank" starts. From the beginning of the winter season, it is crowded at this address. If you have not checked out why yet, the first Friday in November is ideal for getting to know the popular rhythm.

There is a special place in Belgrade that insists on live club gigs. Authentic entertainment according to the highest standards is in the space called Novi BitefArtCafe. On the second night of November, from 23:00 until 03:00, the "Girls, Boys and Toys" band will sing, play and entertain. On the repertoire will be modern pop, great house hits and favourite songs from MTV production. It will be a very good gig.

Despite the winter, for the love of summer, a party "Bikini Special #1" is organized at the KC Grad on Friday from 23:00. Marija Sevic and Jelena Kecic are DJ ladies behind this concept. They insist on a positive atmosphere and disco music. In order to eliminate possible monotony, sets must be "spiced up" with house tunes. A special guest of the debut edition is an active participant of the Dutch club scene. Another Nice Mess, i.e. Marcelle, loves vinyl. And art. This is a unique opportunity to hear why she is getting compliments for her music.