Popular parties on Friday - 16th March 2018

Three suggestions for top-notch clubbing

Tuesday 13th of March 2018

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DOT club continues a series of excellent performances. On Friday, 16th March exactly at 23:00 starts the "Faith In Feet" party. DJs Wise D, Kobe, Kinetik, Bazalac and Racic are in charge of the powerful rhythm and perfect clubbing. The right thing for lovers of great atmosphere and quality music.

Mehanizam club reserved 16th March for techno. The "Techno Friday" party will present a young lady from Cacak, Teodora Jaric. Together with her, great rhythm will be dictated by the experienced DJ Lazar Radulovic. A combination of fresh energy and experienced mixing is a guarantee for a perfect night out.

For all those who are not prone to exploring and are nightlife "addicts", Brankow club is the right address. "Sense of Belgrade" party brings world clubbing to Belgrade. Friday in the rhythm of popular music has a really large audience. The modern zone of having fun starts at midnight.