The best present for Women's Day - dinner

Ladies choose

Friday 2nd of March 2018

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The most beautiful greeting cards for the International Women's Day are those that are remembered, and enthrall all the senses. Women's Day is the real reason to surprise your dear lady. According to her taste, organize a memorable evening. Avoid experiments at home. Restaurants in Belgrade are the best places for special occasions. Do not forget the flowers. If you want to be traditional, buy mimosa.

1. Mandala

Women love fashion. How much they take care of appearance, they are that much dedicated to health. Mandala is just like this. A restaurant where the rules of sophisticated aesthetics and healthy eating apply. The 21st century gastronomy focuses on organic products and being a vegan is a lifestyle. Defining this direction does not abolish hedonism, on the contrary. For many ladies, this restaurant has become a favourite address for socializing, and behind the whole concept stands a special one. Women know how.

2. Sakura

Asia in Beton Hall. A perfect place with refined hearing for high female criteria. From the designer to the main chefs - everyone knows what women want. Currently the most popular sushi is prepared and served according to special recipes. Better half does not have to eat before dinner. Juicy steak in several varieties and others meat specialties are excellent. The wine list is incredible.

3. Graficar

Tradition in modern interior. Here people can enjoy local specialties according to the highest standards. Homemade brandy and the best wines from Serbia promise a great time. Kebab, Karadjordje's steak, sausages and other ambassadors of perfect flavours in a luxurious form will delight every lady. Safe option for a special dinner.