Belgrade at night: Where to go out

Different places for different entertainment

Monday 23rd of April 2018

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It is well known that Belgrade is a city for a great time. The rich night life from season to season moves the boundaries of real clubbing and attracts a large number of guests from abroad because for a good time, miles are not an issue. The best party is at weekends, but you can go out in the capital of Serbia every night.

Depending on the place you choose to go out to, you can expect a different atmosphere. There are a lot of options, and here is what you should know so you can easily find your kind of fun before going out.

1. Pre-party bars

To avoid feeling in the club as if you were "from Mars" because you went straight to the club from a peaceful home atmosphere, choose a warm-up bar. In almost every bar, the music is played by local DJs, the lights are dimmed, and the offer of beverages and food is really great. Most bars work until 01:00, just when clubs open their doors.

2. Pubs and beer houses

Very popular places for socializing serve the incredible offer of all kinds of domestic and foreign beer. Wings, French fries, ribs and sausages are offered in every modern pub and beer house. Beer and live music are inseparable so music is played by bands playing pop, rock and modified house.

3. Cocktail bars

The main stars here are bartenders. Their talents equally win both sexes. Expect that the cocktails are at the center of attention, and the DJs are there to "enhance" the euphoria. The first-class service, decorated interior and endless flavours bring authentic urban entertainment.

4. Clubs

The famous creators of nightlife in this part of Europe. Original underground clubs where the electronic scene was born, modernly decorated spaces with incredible energy and popular music, techno temples and much more that is being talked about all over the world is located in the Belgrade streets. The boat-based clubs are a summer version of the clubs and they work from May to October.

5. Taverns

Tavern entertainment looks more like a club one rather than a typical bohemian life. Loud sound system, lighting, live performances of singers and bands, plaid table clothes and cheap beverage prices touch the deepest emotions of each guest. Exclusively folk songs are sung, if you do not know the Serbian language, you will not understand a word, but the atmosphere will tell you everything.