How the Serbs celebrate Easter

Christ is risen! Indeed is risen!

Saturday 7th of April 2018

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Easter is the most important Christian holiday because the confirmation of our belief is in its essence. The suffering and resurrection of Jesus Christ for believers means a spiritual journey from calvary to bliss, from grief to happiness and the celebration of life. In Belgrade, life is celebrated every day, but it is very special to be in the Serbian capital, especially at the time of the Easter holidays.

It is a mobile holiday and is celebrated after the Jewish Passover in the first week after the full moon. On the Easter day, people get up early in the morning and lie down after midnight. Who lies down before will be drowsy and lazy until the next Easter. Easter washing is done with water in which Cornus mas, basil and a red egg are immersed. Children should be touched with a red egg to have ruddy cheeks and to be healthy all year long.

Belgrade housewives have many recipes and ways to make the eggs as beautiful and decorative as possible. In addition to the carefully preserved tradition, figurines of chickens, chocolate bunnies and egg figurines are obligatory in the homes of the Serbian capital. Everything for the most beautiful decoration and even more beautiful children's smile.

The Easter week starts with the sound of the bells of Belgrade churches and temples, believers go to liturgy and salute with the resurrection greetings: Christ is risen! Indeed he is risen! The bells from the Temple of St. Sava are the loudest. The inhabitants of the center mostly go to the Cathedral Church, while for Novi Beograd it is known that the Temple of Saint Dimitrije always brings together the most believers.

A candle burns in the house, with a censer and incense family is praying and dining at a festive table. On the table the most important is bowl with painted eggs and breakfast begins with egg tapping - a family competition that children most enjoy. The Easter celebration is the end of the fast for believers and the first feast bites are the Easter eggs.

Easter cake and baking - traditionally lamb or pork are mandatory folklore on the table. The spring atmosphere on the Easter table means a lot of fresh vegetables and salads. Easter is celebrated for three days.