Where you can really eat

To keep the wallet and yourself full, there are cheap restaurants in Belgrade

Friday 18th of May 2018

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Do you know about that feeling when you are really hungry? For the real gourmand, the answer to the question where to eat is most important. Then numerous criteria of modern hospitality lose their significance and the only important thing is a large portion of food. This is a guide for very hungry people.

Touristically, the first association to Belgrade is Kalemegdan. This part of the city does offer a lot of things. After exploring the fortress and monuments of culture, a perfect view of the confluence of the Sava and the Danube, it is time for an inevitable part of Serbian culture and customs - gastronomy. Kahvana Mali Kalemegdan fits exactly in the tourist and everyday visit to the fortress. Numerous symbols and souvenirs of old times, but in the modern edition, bring the original interior where relaxation is special, while for the smile on the faces of the guests "culprits" are grill per kilogram and drinks per liter.

The days that are important dates are a chance to socialize and gather at a table with dear people. Where to take friends and relatives for dinner without costing too much is often a question. Being a host to talk about for days is not a small thing, but it is even better to be a guest at a celebration that is for every praise. It is not easy to match wishes and possibilities. If you know where the Pink restaurant is, you have no problem. Zarkovo is a particularly important part of the city for the fans of extra large portions of food at affordable prices.

Mali Mokri Lug is not a central city zone, but it is very close to the city. It belongs to the municipality of Zvedara which also has a lot to offer - from the many interesting and important sights you must see when you are in Belgrade to endlessly perfect natural beauties like the Zvezdara forest. When you give yourself time to enjoy, the decision also includes a rich meal. A restaurant that will greatly compensate for the energy spent in a long walk is Trpeza. The right domestic serving of national specialties at the price for which the home budget says thanks for the savings.