Drinks for the summer

Ice refreshment for hot summer in Belgrade

Friday 29th of June 2018

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The entire planet closely watches the FIFA World Cup. While the eyes and nerves are focused on football fields in Russia, beer producers are cheering with all available resources. Unfortunately, the Serbian national team did not win Brazil and qualify for the next stage of the competition, but the football "fever" continues. Beer is mandatory, almost official drink of the World Cup. Uncertainty grows as we watch a bit unexpected outcomes on the fields. With the favourite beer it is all certain. There is just a dilemma of which pub or beer house in Belgrade to choose for a famous sports entertainment.

The best cocktails for the summer are Mojito, Aperol Spritz, Margarita, Daiquiri, Old Fashioned, Negroni, Whiskey Sour, Dry Martini, Manhattan, Moscow Mule and Espresso Martini. Cocktail bars in Belgrade, as well as the world cocktail scene confirm that for the best mixtures of drinks there is no shelf life. Innovations are present in the decoration of famous cocktails, but also in the growing presence of fresh vegetables in the glass. The cucumber has long been obligatory in the mix of gin and tonic. In line with healthy trends, the range of cocktails with alcohol enriched with vegetable is growing.

Detox, Detox. Classic orange juice and lemonade are gone. Now they are just the basis for fruit mixtures that raise energy and strengthen immunity. Non-alcoholic organic fruit and vegetable cocktails are the biggest trend for the summer 2018. Simply, no one can resist them. Homemade ice tea is not lagging behind. Allies who bring the taste of exotics to the hot Belgrade streets.

The more innovations in the coffee market there are, the more simple black home-made coffee is in demand. Waking up without it is unimaginable, and it gets a full flavour when someone else prepares it for you. The traditional ritual for good morning does not have any competition and it fits every season. As the day goes by, the need for caffeine is reduced, so endless combinations of coffee and various kinds of milk are quite acceptable. The world chain Starbucks has announced its arrival in Belgrade. We are readily waiting for the most famous coffee empire with the biggest number of likes on social networks.

The wine is simply loved. Summer option that "quenches" thirst and brings entertainment to society is sangria. A drink coming from Spain and Portugal is consumed exclusively at high temperatures. For a long time, it has been made of red wine only, however, the freedom of mixing has done its own and today, white sangria is available. A lot of fruits, little sugar, plenty of ice and wine - all that is needed for the best summer.

Water, water and water. Always and everywhere. We all know how the heat can be unpleasant. A bottle of water is necessary in the bag. Maybe you will not need it, but there are always fearless ones who think they can handle everything. While drinking alcohol, try to drink at least twice as much water. Your body will thank you for this habit.