Enter Festival

Premiere of a great music event in Belgrade

Monday 25th of June 2018

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Enter Festival is organized for the first time in Topcider Park from 28th to 30th June. Three spectacular nights that will be marked by the great music of different genres will present famous local and foreign performers. An ambiance with a long tradition and fantastic outdoor activities - Topcider Park, becomes a big club the next weekend. Welcome to a completely different Belgrade at night.

Domestic and foreign electro sound, house, dance, pop, rock and hip hop will be listened to at the debut festival. Mary Nastas, Nicim Izazvan, Lee Leed, Iskaz and Seyaa are the first musicians to win the stage, and the star of the evening is Inna, a music attraction from Romania. Hot, Deja Vu, Cola Song, Yalla, Gimme Gimme and dozens of other well-known summer hits will be presented by this hot Romanian live in Belgrade.

The second evening will be opened by super talented and currently one of the most popular musicians from Serbia, Irie FM, and immediately after him, Irish Stew, Bjesovi and Bad Copy will perform. Danijel Cehranov and Nemax will be in charge of open-air clubbing.

The third and at the same time the last evening of the festival is reserved for even 12 performers. Struka, Mortal Kombat, DJs Miss Monique Christy and Million are representatives of the final programme. Definitely all musical tastes are satisfied. There is nothing else left but to come to famous park in the city and have a great time in your favourite rhythm.