Taste of tradition

Not all restaurants in Belgrade are the same. Some are simply special places serving a rich biography with excellent food. Without secrets

Friday 27th of July 2018

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Bearing the name of an excellent restaurant for decades is not at all easy. For years, delighting new guests and hosting over and over again the old ones is a difficult task. The biggest applause for them. If you are a frequent guest on the Belgrade gastronomic map and have experience with restaurants, you will soon wish more than good food, top service and pleasant atmosphere. 

If you are visiting the capital, you will also be interested in the history of the creation of famous places. We present not one, but two really great restaurants in Belgrade. The symbols of the city, each in their own way, foster the most beautiful edition of Serbian tradition. And they have a really interesting story about themselves. Hurry up. Book them. Enjoy. 

The restaurant that left a strong mark on prominent statesmen in the last millennium is Careva Cuprija. Very long ago, in 1847, Ilija Garasanin considered the "Mehana kod Careve Cuprije" as the state's good. At that time, there was no other way to see the quality except personally. After so many years, a lot of things have changed. Careva Cuprija has not even got tired. Continuously, with the same zeal and quality, it gets across important lessons and meets the needs of every guest. You can really experiment with food with the right hosts and history guards. It would be a real sin not to explore first and successfully master the Serbian tradition. At the same time, listen carefully to the true stories. We guarantee that all senses will enjoy.

A restaurant in the center of the city never "chased" fame. And it has always been in focus. They are not really interested in current trends. And they are always trendy. It is not their goal to win a guest at the first arrival. And they are remembered forever. The greatest legends of the Serbian rock scene play live here. And they will not boast about the fact that they, and many world musicians, feel like at home there. If you still do not know which place is it about - help is coming.

What restaurant have you been visiting for the past seven decades when you want Mediterranean sand smelt and a really homely atmosphere? Polet, of course. The "identity card" of this place is not just a famous portion. It is just the beginning, an introduction to a nutritious spectacle. Focus on stories from ancient times, they are far more interesting than social networks. Let the perfect staff recommend you specialty, you indulge yourself and absorb stories that are only available here. You will forget about everything else.