Belgrade at night: VIP entertainment

Rules that turn good clubbing into the best one

Monday 20th of August 2018

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VIP status does not know boredom. Being a mandatory name on the A list always brings entertainment that exists in movies. And on Ibiza. Every true lover of parties has a dream to have a private villa in which Carl Cox is so regular guest to know all the rooms of a private part of paradise. It is very difficult to get back to reality from this imagination. Until you reach the company of world stars, organize luxury entertainment in Belgrade. These are the steps according to the highest standards.

1. Company for a night out. First of all, the most important thing is to choose who you are going into adventure with. You do not need someone who will criticize spending of money the whole night. You need people of the same opinion who simply want to spend money for a different, supreme night.

2. Where to go out in style requires a detailed plan. When you want every moment to be the best, it is important to know what the VIP title means. Do not forget about details like transport. When money is not an issue, rent a limo. Another suggestion: Do not waste valuable time on selfies, filters and tags. Let professional photographers take care of light and frame. You focus on good mood.

3. Start of an unforgettable night out is not at home. Not even in the bars. VIP entertainment from the first minute is provided by elite restaurants in Belgrade. Check out a list of exclusive restaurants to find the restaurant to your taste. First class dinner is a great start.

4. Famous clubs are organizing top entertainment. You will find it hard to find a club with a separate entrance for special guests, but you will receive an adequate treatment in each of these if you announce your intentions for having fun. Reservation of the main booth in the club is very simple. It is only important that budget and preferences are at the same frequency. The best view of the dance floor and attractive dancers is guaranteed.

5. Taverns in Belgrade also offer the option of VIP entertainment. Live folk music is even better when it is "especially for your ears". Paying the main seat means that you will be close to the stage and everyone will be looking at you. So, you will have to be representative. We suggest you learn the greatest hits before you go out.

6. The evening is going just right, and you feel like a real super star. Congratulations! Leave for the next morning thinking if you really needed all this. Yes. What will you say when you grow old for night life, if not about nights like this? Do not forget, you did not go out in a VIP style with a wallet or other material things, but with dear people. Take advantage of your opportunities for a really special time with the best company!