Clubbing on Saturdays

An overture to September entertainment

Tuesday 28th of August 2018

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A new round, a new adventure! The first September, and it is not time for school but for clubs. Better than ever. Club gardens and boat-based clubs are still working, and then the winter club season begins. How long people will be able to go out in summer style is not known because the plan and programme depend on weather. It is important not to miss the parties scheduled for Saturday. There is no excuse for those who stay at home.

The garden of the Drugstore club organizes an excellent techno event on Saturday, 1st September from 23:00 to 06:00. The DJ collective Concrete DJz and Kristina Lalic are among the most successful Serbian electronic music performers, and when they perform together, they create top-notch beat. That is how it will be on the first Saturday in September - a quality and powerful gathering in the techno rhythm under the stars.

Luka and Bojan, Concrete team, hypnotize everyone when at DJ counter. Their mixes and copyright songs sound the same as world techno products. When the advantage of home court is added to the great work, effort and talent, great atmosphere is what you get. Kristina Lalic is one of the few ladies who managed to take the dominant position in DJing and production besides numerous male colleagues. Quality is always recognized, which is confirmed by her far more frequent performances outside Serbia than in domestic clubs. This will be a techno spectacle.

Clubbing yes, techno no. OK. And does r'n'b work for you for Saturday night? Of course it does. Tag boat-based club opens the door for lovers of popular music genre on 1st September at 23:45. The party on Saturday, "Get Low", is a project of a DJ that is presented under the name Architect. Experienced connoisseurs of the r'n'b genre gave the highest score to this party concept. Without risk, go to this address. A modern entertainment at the popular address is ready. You just have to get ready for a great night fun.