Serbian cuisine in the center of attention

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Friday 24th of August 2018

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Someone follows trends at all costs. The counterparty does not notice them until they become mainstream. Nevertheless, classics always have great value. As much as some innovations are trying to win the first place, local specialties always win. Therefore, in their honour, we take you to places that serve top Serbian food.

There can be new things, but a quality men's watch is forever important as a little black dress. The rules are the same when talking about food. Authentic evergreen is the Orasac restaurant. Nothing can wish you good morning like their homemade pie, pork cracklings and kajmak. Stress from a busy working day disappears when you come to lunch and order real cooked meal. You will not want to go home. And you do not have to. As soon as it gets dark, live music arrives. Along a great barbecue. Let the globalization wait. You relax in the spirit of old customs.

Modern life - modern food. However, national pride, the famous delicious food, has found a common language with the 21st century. Everything you like to eat from your local collection is great and tasty in Zlatnik Restaurant. The highest standards of storing and preparing ingredients guarantee quality. You can eliminate dilemmas from where the homemade prosciutto is or which meat is in Karadjordje's steak. The answer is - only from the best. Identical, strict rules that give indisputable enjoyment apply to the complete menu. Hospitality and atmosphere are also at the highest standards. A real golden experience.

It is a real misconception that Novi Beograd has understanding only for inventive aromas. Homemade recipes are always topical. Dren restaurant is a place where you will fully understand how Serbian food has resisted all the influences and why cooking under the bell is more appreciated than the most modern oven. Forget the strict diet and start a feast with hot homemade bread and breaded peppers with cheese. Indulge yourself with the magic of pure meat and a homelike atmosphere in a traditional ambiance. Complete pleasure with homemade brandy or wine. Good connection guaranteed.